Off-Page SEO characteristics

Off-Page SEO

Just when you think you understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO)…There is another element of SEO that you need to keep in mind when you build your website. The other aspect is off-page SEO. Yes, you have on- and off-page SEO that you need to plan for and focus on. Let’s take a look at what off-page SEO is and does.

What is off-page SEO?

In short, off-page SEO is what indirectly happens on your website. On-page or “regular” SEO is all about your content, speed of you loads, site structure, and data. The details that make your site great, keep people interested, and inform your visitors. (More information about on-page SEO.) Off-page SEO, however, is about:

  • Links that point to your site and pages. You do not want just any links. The websites that lead to your site need to be credible. Getting other sites to point in your direction shows the world that you are reliable. Links also provide a type of referral of your work and website. That is one reason that I include “built by Web with Grits” link in clients’ footers. The link is not intrusive, but it does provide a way for crawlers to find my site from other sources.
  • Social media that that leads and mentions your website, and local hits such as Google maps and business. Your social media content should always be about engaging your audience. The material should be interesting, attractive, easy to read. You are building your brand when you use social media. You are letting your readers know there is more to you than just a website. Always keep in mind what people think of when they hear your name. You can also include promotions (when relevant), brand building information, polls, etc. Get your readers to interact and engage.
  • Popularity, quality, and relevance. People want to see what others think about you. Testimonials share you are great, that your work is high quality, and that what you do and say is relevant to them. Off-site SEO is what brings traffic to your site. Include reviews, creating trust, providing an authoritative voice. What are those cruising the web going to think about you when they see what others have to say about you? Will your reviews show people you are someone worth hiring? People may find you in searches, but if they are an informed consumer, they want to know your track record.

Off-Page SEO is your Reputation

All of the above factors are nothing more than old fashioned word of mouth done digitally. In fact, what others say about your business is integral to obtain more popularity, tell people about your quality, and prove to people that you know what you are doing.

Your website may be the perfect example of SEO optimization. However, if your off-page SEO does not tell readers that your site is quality and worth their time to visit, people are not likely to pursue reading more about you. In fact, they will likely not visit your site. Set up your off-page SEO so readers WANT to know more about you.

It is ultimately about your online reputation.

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