Design and Development Process

Icon desktop, laptop, tablet, and smart phoneIn today’s society, strategic website design and development are a must. You need an impressive website and digital marketing strategies to build a business. I know as a “little guy” that you work hard and work long hours, so your business can grow. We will meet so I can learn about your business and your customers. That information provides the foundation for building a website and a web presence plan. When the project ends, you will have power web tools to build your customer base and share about how you meet your customers’ needs.


Don’t worry if you are not technical and do not know how to work a website. We will discuss options that include me training you. Concerned about costs? I provide several plans for you to choose, or I can develop a custom plan for you. I also provide care plans to help you after the project is complete. Together, you and I will make decisions that are best for your business.


Your expertise is your business. My expertise is designing and developing a website for your business success.

Website Design and Development Process

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Talk About It

You and I should talk so I can understand what you do, your goals, and what you wish to accomplish. I can explain the process involved to build your website.

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Plan It Out

You and I meet so I can learn the details about your business and how you meet your customers’ needs. We will set up project goals and strategies to guild your business.

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Build It Out

You and I build your new website. We work together so I get your feedback. You are the expert in your field with the knowledge that I need to build your website.

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