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Creating a brand is a serious endeavor—Who is our ideal customer?

What do people think of when they see your logo? …when they hear your business name? What do people say about your business? These are all elements of your brand. More importantly, your real brand are the thoughts and feelings that people have when they see your logo, hear your name, or talk about your company. It’s all about opinions and beliefs. Creating a brand for your ideal clients, or re-creating your brand, is a serious undertaking. Your primary focus cannot be on the logo!

What is a brand?

During the 2018 spring and summer, I took on a serious adventure. I started working with a company to build my business. Little did I know at the start of the project that to grow the business that I needed to re-identify my business. At first, I thought the feedback I received was petty and a matter of opinion. I realized as I listened to the information and seriously considered what was being said that it was the truth. I created my “brand” based on what I wanted. I learned that a brand is what your customers feel and think about you and your organization. Yes, looks are important; you know, the logo, color, and design characteristics. The most important aspects of a brand, however, are the concepts people get and have about your company. Oh my! I created my original brand backward. I never really considered what visitors and clients would have in their minds about my business.

Discovering your real identity (brand)

There are a few things you need to get a firm grasp on when you create or re-create your brand.

Do you realize what I am asking with the questions I posed? It is all about your ideal clients!

Creating brand by focusing on the ideal customer

As I mentioned, I started my first company with what I wanted. I learned, though, that I needed to begin with who my ideal clients are. To be honest, I had to focus by deciding who the perfect, ideal, target, niche customers were for my business. I realized that I was trying to go after anyone and everyone that I could help with my services. Originally, I created my specific business offerings. I then used a shotgun approach that spread to the highest number of persons. WRONG!

Yes, I needed to know what I was offering. I needed, though, to specially define who I thought were the persons, or businesses, that I could help most. The concept I am describing may seem backward. OK, in some sense, it may be. However, without knowing some specific knowledge, you cannot build a successful business. I found that as I honed my niche market that I also was fine-tuning the business’ purpose. In turn, I also started pinpointing how I could meet client needs.

Figure out who are your customers. Learn what needs they have. Define how you can specifically address those needs. Build the case why you can meet the requirements better than anyone else. In doing so, you are answering primary questions that anyone looking for your business will have about you and what you do. It is a win-win.

Creating a brand for your ideal clients

Now that you have this information take the time to write some thoughts down about your ideal customers. Write down the questions above and then answer the questions. Be as specific as possible. In fact, you may find that if you keep your paper where you can see it for the next several days that you will be adjusting what you wrote to be more specific.

You are beginning the trek to creating a brand for your ideal clients that will grow your business.

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