Content Copywriting

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Well written content on a web page makes a difference for your business and customers. You need to share the right information in a well-organized manner that allows web searches to find your pages. In fact, branding and content copyrighting are two elements that make or break a web presence.

Content Copywriting

Most of us are not able to write about ourselves. There is a challenge to step beyond your business to write content. There is also the difficulty of for others understand. We know what is rattling in our thoughts. When putting words on paper we tend to leave out bits of needed information and connect the thoughts. I know. I’ve been there!

I can edit what you have written. I can take, also, information to copy write content. Regardless of if I am editing your copy or writing fresh content, I keep your brand and how you meet your customers’ needs in mind. I format content on the page to help with search engines finding your website.

Once your website is launched I am available to continue helping you with content copyrighting for your blog, newsletter, and social media.

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