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Fred Prasuhn

I find it is a plus to know more about the person I deal with for business. I want a good sense of who the person is and the person’s character. Thus, I created the Fred Prasuhn Biography page. I want you to know more about my character, abilities, and perspective on business. Feel free to contact me about my information and how we can work together.

Work is not a 4-letter dirty word

I grew up in a small rural town surrounded by acres of farmland. The majority of the persons in the area were farmers, farm workers, or factory workers. The farm where my dad was raised was in the family short of me beginning high school. Although not a farm hand, I do remember when visiting having to rise and shine to help with milking cows, gathering eggs, and feeding the chickens, dogs, and cattle. There was always a large family garden plot. I so miss the taste of fresh vegetables and fruits.Insignia: Greenville, OH. Click to open Greenville's website.

The ideals ingrained in me were that you work hard, stay honest, tell the truth, live simply, and save money. We always helped others in some way. You respect others and treat others as you want treated. Pray often. Trust God. Even though society seems to have changed from my youth, I remain steadfast to my core.

Those core values are also part of how I conduct business. I work hard to help my clients. I am upfront with matters and devise a plan to keep costs as low as possible. I strongly believe in keeping things simple. The extra fluff can cause problems that neither of us want. I will work to the best of my ability to help you with your web needs.

A polymath

I found a few years back a term that I think truly says a good deal about me. The word is “polymath.” The term essentially means a person devoted to many jobs and interests incorporating elements from all experiences, knowledge, and skills to the present and the need at the moment. Synonyms are “multipotentialite” or “renaissance person”. Polymaths tie thoughts together from many different specialties, which creates ideas and skills ingenuity.

If you do what others do, you will have what others have. Be better than the flock.

What does that mean for you?

I bring to our collaboration many skills and different knowledge areas, which allows for creative ideas to meet your web solutions.


I carried through my natural tendency to learn through earning my degrees. I was always interested in teaching; a natural fit to helping others. So, all of my degree work was based on educational theories and application. I would take in other course subjects as much as possible. In total my degrees and practical experiences cover

Simply put, I know how to communicate and work with people from different backgrounds. I know how to break things down into small manageable chunks. Working together your business will get noticed and you will grow your business!

Experiential learning

I consider all of the jobs I held as classrooms or learning opportunities. To use an educational term, “experiential learning.” My eclectic background provided me with many different learning settings. With few exceptions, I was fortunate to have great leadership along with my jobs. Work was not necessarily doing certain tasks everyday. I always strived to become a better employee and to accomplish more. I guess my midwest blue collar work hard mentality is ingrained in my character.

Let me provide you an example of what I mean. When I moved to the Atlanta, GA area, I began a temporary position at BellSouth Mobility as a department administrator. I was embarrassed while honored when my manager, Tony, told me one afternoon that he realized I was capable of much more. He also shared that he would not hold me the company policy of being in a position a year before moving to another role. He also encouraged me to check out other departments for interests. Tony assigned a few special projects so I could use that leverage gaining another position. I learned from my HR person that Tony successfully argued to hire me over an internal candidate and to bring me in above the initial salary amount. I thought, at the time, I simply was doing what needed to be done. Tony must have approved of what I was doing. Over the course of seven years, I worked up into regulatory affairs middle management. When the company merged with another, I accepted a severance package and turned my life toward higher education instruction.

Up to this point in life, I worked in restaurants, nonprofits, and corporate environments. Some of the responsibilities I held: project management, employee hiring and supervision, budget oversight, program development, volunteer recruiting and training, and regulatory, network engineering and many other experiences that are essential for leadership positions. The job duties provide you with an understanding of the job skills used and the knowledge that I gained working the various positions. Like others, I have computer training (several learning management systems, many computer programs including Microsoft Office expert certification, and more), and many years of experience using these skills and knowledge base.

Especially useful from my experiences when working with you on a project would be project management. All projects need to be designed and structured so everyone involved knows what to expect and what to do. Overseeing a project’s budget keeps costs in line with goals. I use many of the program development skills to design your website and to work on your site’s content for communication with visitors. Your site visitors need to know that you can help them with their problem.

Lifelong learning

When we work together, you will find a few key distinctions that I offer:

Key points of my polymath mantra

What distinguishes me from others is my philosophy of life. My belief simply put is

learning is life and life is learning.

Learning is part of our daily lives just like eating, breathing, sleeping, etc. Let me unpack that phrase for you as what it means:

learning is life and life is learning.

Learning is part of our daily lives just like eating, breathing, sleeping, etc. Let me unpack that phrase for you as what it means:

  1. We choose to learn and live fostering growth.
  2. We choose to grow so we can become better persons.
  3. We choose to turn bad situations good by learning from the experience.
  4. We choose to become greater than the sum.
  5. We choose to give to others what we have for their growth and success.

I continually take from what I know and transfer the knowledge to a new setting. The practice better equips me to help you and your business succeed. I am ready to share my experiences, knowledge, and skills with you as we collaborate on projects.

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