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Online Communication & Marketing

The web is not an IT function. It is a communication function, which typically falls under marketing.

Small Business Online Communication & Marketing

Websites can be the center of communication for small businesses. Connecting all of the moving parts in the right way will provide your business with digital communication and marketing strategies that will effectively present your business for customers and potential clients.

Blogs or newsletters are a simple tool that often gets overlooked. Why? Because it requires a person to faithfully produce a posting related to your business and customers on a regular basis. I can share ideas for writing, provide you with a template, and edit your content. Just like your website’s copy and content, blogs are well constructed for communication and search engines.

eMail lists are used to distribute messages. There are ways to target messages to those on your list. For example, let’s say that you are going to have a booth at a community event. You can send an announcement to persons on your list that live near the event and encourage them to stop by to say, “Hi.”

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are tools that allow you to communicate more with your clients. Social media also allows those that are connected with you to share with others about your business. Consider it free advertisement. People can use social media to contact you and to leave reviews.

Google Business is a way to make your mark on the web. Registering your business with Google Business helps to people find you when they search the web. You provide your business name, location, hours, products/services, and invite readers to visit your website. It is free advertising!

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