Branding and Logo

Icon branding and logo

All businesses are known for something. When I say, “double cheeseburger,” which restaurant do you think about? If I talk about saving money and rollback pricing, do you think about a retail chain? Business branding and logo for small business are critical elements your business need.

What are business branding and logo for small business?

Branding is so much more than the name of your business, or a service or product. A business’ branding is that feeling people get when they open your web page, hear your company name, or see your business logo. Consider a business brand the spirit of your business; it is the nature of your business that attracts customers, provides the sense you are able to meet their needs, and allows for customers to refer your business to others.

Icon smartphone

Your logo is a visual image that people associate with your brand. For example, when you see the icon at the beginning of this paragraph, you most likely think of your mobile or smartphone; perhaps you think of a specific make of cellular phone. Another icon is associated with a hospital, emergency room, or doctor. Your logo triggers people to think about your business.

Icon red cross or medical

Creating a brand and deciding on a logo takes work. I am here helping you each step of the process. The benefits of a good brand and logo are worth the dedication and effort.

Branding & Logo Process

Creating your brand and logo requires us to sort through all the details about your ideal customer and the problem he/she needs resolving.

Infographic displaying branding and logo process

Remember that I am here helping you with every step of the branding and logo process. Together we will work through the process and sort through all of the details. The results will be a brand you are proud and that will draw the attention of your ideal customers.

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