Website Design Packages

Web with Grits is devoted to supporting small businesses with quality web design and solutions. In doing so, Web with Grits is offering small businesses with web presence and solutions packages that promote the organization and increase competitive edge for the business. Web with Grits is offering 3 website design packages allowing small business owners an opportunity to have a web presence that will help promote and grow the business.

How do you like your grits?

Which delicious bowl of grits is right for you? 3 website packages tailored to help small businesses meet any budget while providing quality online presence. 

Click image bowl of grits with butter to access details

Grits with Butter

Grits with Butter website package is ideal for startup businesses that want a simple web page. Share with the world details about you and what you do.


+$150 planning session

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Grits with Cheese

Grits with Cheese empowers you to tell more about your business by adding 5 web pages attracting more customers and growing your business.


+$150 planning session

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Grits with Shrimp

Grits with Shrimp website package is customizable for more creativity. Your site will meet your clients’ specific needs, grow your business, and represent you well.

Custom Quote

If you already have a WordPress website, I can support you. I provide 3 Website Hosting & Care Plans. Let’s talk about how we can work together! Contact me.

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