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SEO Tools Since There is Not a Miraculous SEO Pill

It is a beautiful, sunny, warm, lazy late summer afternoon. I am sitting on my front porch swing relaxing and letting my thoughts enjoy the sun, shade, and gentle summer breeze. For some strange reason, I started thinking about a conversation I had with my chiropractor, Dr. Doug Giles. He and I chat about various things when I visit him for an adjustment. Doc knows that my work is web design and technology. He shared with me that he was at a professional development workshop. One of the vendors that presented addressed the need chiropractors have for a robust website,  the importance of quality SEO, and the need for professional SEO tools. The conversation focused on what SEO is and its quality.

SEO Basics

Before I produced an expert sounding answer, I asked for more details about the SEO presentation at the workshop. Doc shared what he heard. I smiled and shook my head. The vendor talked about the standard importance of SEO from a sale pitch perspective.

A what?

Yes, a sales pitch in the form of a workshop. Surely you have attended one of those. I’ve heard time and time again, the inevitable doom if you do not get your SEO in line with search engines. Of course, the vendor shared how he has the perfect solution. Just let him know and he would assist anyone with the need and will also work on a website built just for chiropractors.

Yes, SEO is essential. However, the ranking you receive in search engines is based on many factors. You need to have great keywords, well-structured content, well-ordered website pages, side headings on your pages and postings, location, etc. One element not often talked about is time. You need a track record on the internet; a history, if you will, about your website. A factor that may have just as much weight as the prior is the number of visitors you get to your website. Your site also needs to load quickly and responsive to the device a visitor uses. In other words, your site needs to load without any hesitation. What was the last web page you visited that took more than a couple of seconds to load? Did you wait for the page to load? Or, did you go to another site? I am guessing that you visited another site. If by chance, you waited for the page to load, you most likely found that a large image or a video was the culprit causing that page to display slowly.

Your website needs to adjust to display on each of the devices that people use to view. That would include smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Your site needs to be up to date. That includes the content. Posting a blog at least once a month helps to keep your website in the active sites category. I suggest twice a month at a minimum, so about every 15 days.

Your plugins must be current. Plugins are vital since they equip your site to function as you wish. Developers update their plugins from time to time. Search engines are designed to notice if something changes on your site. Updating plugins is a change that shows up on search engine scans. Let’s not forget that keeping all things updated is also useful for website security.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. There are many factors involved in good SEO.

Pug dog pointing out SEO tools and tips written on chalkboardSimply put, SEO takes work and dedication. There is not a miracle SEO pill you can buy or choose to make you rank highly in searches. There are, though, steps you can do to make sure that you are included in the search results.

Here is the real kicker. Just because you have your SEO just right, your rankings are not guaranteed to be high on the list. A high ranking takes time and effort. When you work to make yourself known people will find you.

SEO Tools

Primary points to keep in mind when you think about your SEO and the content on your website are:

  • Keyword or keyword phrase – A keyword is what persons most likely will use for a web search when looking for your site or posting. Every posting and page should have their unique keyword.
    • Keywords must be used on their respective pages and postings.
    • Keywords must be part of the page and post title.
    • Keywords must be part of the side headings on a page and post.
  • Keyword research – If you do some research time, you will be able to find the keywords that people use related to your business and postings. Google provides many web tools for people to use and there are a few other sites that offer similar information.
  • Visitors – For your site and content keep in mind what people would place in a search engine to find your business. For example, for Web with Grits, a search phrase may be “web design Lexington GA.” At this time, I am in the top 3 results when I conduct this search. My address is outside of Lexington, GA. Naturally, I am not directly on the target.
  • Location – Keep your site contact information up-to-date and at least include your city and state. Use Google Business to help you with web searches.
  • Reviews – What people have to say about your postings and your business adds value to your website and for your visitors. You might want to consider a simple review form for your customers to complete. You can then use that information in a review section on your site. Facebook, also, has a review (now recommendation) section that will help your visibility.
Toolbox labeled SEO Tools

Use your SEO tools and work your SEO plan

I think you can see that having a solid SEO plan is essential. You can also see that to be found on the internet that you must work for recognition. If you create a solid SEO plan and work that plan, people will find you on the web. Your ranking will improve over time. Give your customers the best you can offer. Keep that unique edge you have over others and publicize it. Find help when you need it. Continue developing your SEO.

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