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How is your Google Pornyness factor?

Yes, you read that right–Google Pornyness. Apparently, Google includes a risqué element in their search engine algorithm. Before you go off the deep end, let’s look into this search criteria a bit more.

Google Pornyness Rank Factor

For some reason, I immediately thought of the movie Burlesque. Honestly, I have no idea why. I guess it is all about being a little bit naughty. 😉

As you know, Google has an algorithm that runs many different factors to produce its ranking for search results. Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, informed Congress that there are over 200 factors in the ranking algorithm. Three that Pichai mentioned were relevance, freshness, and popularity. In other words, Google evaluates many criteria before revealing search results. Google’s Gary Illyes, in a Reddit interview, was asked to provide more search factors in the algorithm. Illyes’ response, “Country the site is local to, rankbrain, pagerank/links, language, pornyness, etc.” (There is that word, again!) So, pornyness must be a Google term. If nothing else, it does serve to give us a chuckle.

Google does include in its ranking appropriateness of content. Safe search is a default when you open a browser to conduct a search. That means that Google does not show questionable results unless a user disabled safe search. Kudos to Google for doing this as there are many persons of varying ages conducting web searches.

What does that mean for you?

Consider what you make your keywords and content. You do not want to include material that would be deemed adult oriented inadvertently. Thus, eliminating you from basic searches. In turn that will lower your ranking and reduce your web traffic. Although not perfected, images are also considered when being ranked. Avoid putting up photos that reveal too much.

We have something to chuckle about now. It seems, also, we have a new term to add to our vocabulary. *G*

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