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Facebook does it again

In case you have not heard, Facebook admitted, again, that it is using your information to target ads and to its advantage.

Facebook using 2FA

Mozilla Foundation and Tech Crunch report that Facebook is using 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) information to target advertisements.


Well it seems Facebook is also using the (valid) security concerns of actual users to extend its ability to target individuals with ads — by using numbers provided for 2FA also to carry out ad targeting.

Natasha Lomas, Tech Crunch, September 27, 2018
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2FA Purpose

2FA, or Two Factor Authentication, is a security measure to help you protect your account. The process requires you to use your phone number to get a secret code to enter into Facebook to gain access to your account. It seems Facebook, though, thinks that 2FA is used for other things. According to Tech Crunch,

A spokesman (for Facebook) also told us that users can opt out of this ad-based repurposing of their security digits by not using phone number based 2FA.

Interesting statement considering Facebook only added a non-2FA process a few months ago.

Facebook, once again, misuses the information we provide for its own gain.

What you can do

A thumbs down for dislikeYou can let Facebook know that you do not appreciate its breach of trust and misuse of your information. How? Well, you can close and delete your Facebook account. I know, this is not practical. Another way to send a message about your dissatisfaction is to use the Mozilla Foundation’s online petition to let Facebook know you object to their practices. 

Please share this information with others if you believe that Facebook is wrong in its practices of using your personal information.


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